Automatically Request Refunds from Canada Post for Late Delivery of Parcels

Do you regularly ship using Canada Post? This article will show you how to automatically get refunds from Canada Post for late shipments.

Canada Post is an indispensable service for Canadian businesses that regularly ship parcels within Canada. It is cheaper than FedEx, UPS, DHL, and Purolator. However, it is not the most reliable. Most Canadian businesses are frustrated with late deliveries of parcels.

Unfortunately, Canada Post is known for inefficient, slow and late shipments. Unlike Purolator, which is surprisingly owned by the same corporation, Canada Post often delivers parcels late.

The good news is that if you send a parcel, either domestic or international, using a Canada Post service with an on-time delivery guarantee and it was delivered late, then you are eligible for a postage refund. But in order to receive this refund, you have to identify late shipments and then claim the refunds from Canada Post.

Finding late shipments and then claiming refunds for them is a tedious task - especially if you are busy operating your business. For example, if 10% of your shipments are late, and you ship out 100 packages per month, then that means you will need to check the tracking status on all 100 packages to find just 10 packages that are actually late. Your business will then need to claim refunds for each of the 10 packages separately by contacting Canada Post.

Furthermore, you have only 30 days after the delivery date to file for a refund with Canada Post. Otherwise, your parcel is no longer eligible for the refund.

So what can you do to automate refunds for late parcel deliveries?

There is a much easier way to automate the refund process for Canada Post late shipments. specializes in recovering refunds from Canada Post for all deliveries. uses an automated software to discover late shipments and file for the refunds. You simply sign-up once using your Canada Post login username and passwords, and let Deliver Refunds do the rest.

In exchange for the service, charges a 35% commission on the refunds recovered. So your business only pays for the refunds that are actually recovered from Canada Post. It is a risk free value proposition for companies that might otherwise be losing hundreds or thousands of dollars per year on unclaimed refunds.

The software works around the clock looking for late parcels - and it is not prone to human error since everything is automated. The software will file for refunds on your behalf, and Canada Post will then process the refunds and send cheques over to you. Best of all, it takes only 2 minutes to sign-up - how is that for efficiency!

You can read more about how to claim refunds with Canada Post for late deliveries.

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