Frequently Asked Questions

General Inquiries

What information do you need from me to sign-up?

We need your login information for the Canada Post website or EST software to file for refunds on your behalf.

You most likely have login credentials for these if you are set up as a business customer.

Please note that this service is not available for Venture One clients.

Will this affect my company's relationship with Canada Post?

No, the promise made to you by Canada Post includes guaranteeing on-time delivery. If these guarantees are not met, they promise to refund your shipping costs. You are not receiving any extra benefits. This is part of their commitment to you for using their services.

What is Deliver Refunds?

Deliver Refunds is a software company with a set-and-forget system that allows our clients to easily and automatically collect late-shipment refunds owed to them via Canada Post money-back-guarantee policy.

Is every package delivered late by Canada Post eligible for a refund?

Nearly all packages claimed for late deliveries will receive a refund from Canada Post. However, sometimes a refund may not be issued if Canada Post delivered the package late due to natural disasters, wrong address, and other rare circumstances.

That said, Canada Post does a good job of assessing the situation and issuing refunds accordingly.

How long does it take to receive a refund from Canada Post?

Canada Post is actually pretty quick in sending refunds. They take roughly 10 days to send refunds directly to you once the claim has been filed.

In some rare cases, the refund process can take longer. We notify our clients more than a week in advance that a refund is on its way.

How do I get my refunds for Canada Post?

Your refunds will be mailed to you by cheque directly from Canada Post. In some cases, depending on how you are setup, Canada Post may credit the refunds directly to your shipping account with them.

Which Canada Post services qualify for refunds in case of late shipments?

Your late parcels qualify for a refund if they were shipped using the Expedited, Xpresspost, or Priority service. All of these Canada Post services come with a tracking number and on-time delivery guarantee. We automatically file for a refund if your items arrive after the expected delivery date.

How far back can my refunds be recovered?

Canada Post provides a 30 day window to file for refunds after the expected delivery date. This is important. It means that any refunds not filed within this time will no longer be accepted.

Why don't I just process refunds myself?

You certainly can. The trade-off is opportunity cost. If 10% of your shipments are potentially late, you will have to manually audit 90 on-time shipments to find the 10 late ones. If you have the people and resources to do this, then by all means you should. Most of our customers outsource this to us given our contingency-based model.

Furthermore, our automated system ensures you receive the refunds immediately. There is no room for human error. The process of claiming refunds from Canada Post is labor intensive; we add value by automating the entire process for consistent flow of refunds for every late shipment.
Service Fees

Do we need to sign any contracts with Deliver Refunds?

Absolutely not. There are no contracts or long-term obligations. If you are not happy with our service, you can cancel anytime.

Do you charge less commission for higher volume clients?

We do reduce our commission for higher volume clients. The commission rate is automatically assessed after processing one month of refunds for your company.

How does Deliver Refunds get paid?

We collect half of the refunds we get for you. We have no sign-up fees and no monthly fees. We only make money after we save you money, so our interests are aligned.

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