How it Works

You are eligible for refunds on any package delivered late by Canada Post. We can maximize your refunds by automatically finding late packages and filing for refunds on your behalf.

If your business ships using Canada Post, then you are most likely owed money.

On average, over 15% to 30% of shipments are late! When your shipment is late, even by a minute, you are owed a 100% refund!

It’s your money, but you have to ask for it. And here’s the catch, you have only 30 days to claim it.

Most companies don’t have the resources to track down each late shipment so a lot of that money is never claimed. will help you recover your money.

So how does it work?

Deliver Refunds uses automated software to determine which shipments are late and whether your company is due a refund.

We automatically file for a refund to make the process simple for you.

You will receive the refund each month from Canada Post. Deliver Refunds splits that amount with you.

It costs you nothing, and it is 100% results driven.

All you have to do is sign-up once, and start receiving automated refunds. does all the work of tracking and automatically requesting refunds for the packages you ship. Based on your volume, you may be eligible for hundreds (and sometimes even thousands) of dollars in unclaimed refunds for late shipments each month.

Ready? You can or read more about automatically requesting refunds from Canada Post.

How Much Does it Cost?

Signing up with us is quick and easy.

We charge a 35% commission on refunds recovered. This commission is invoiced to you with each refund cycle. For example, we will invoice you $35 if we recover $100 in refunds for your business.

We work on a commission basis and only make money when we successully recover the refunds for you.

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